What do you think of Windows phones?

My experience revealed that they are very fast and lag free, even the cheapest one.

Apps availability is very less, compared to Androids, which makes it boring, though most popular apps are there, but with somehow different user interface, compared to Android.

Please have your say about them.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Bill gates farted in an Apple Store and stunk up the entire place, but it was their own fault for not having windows
    I heard windows phones r faster tho


What Guys Said 1

  • I was so happy last week when I got my samsung s5 and gave my Nokia lumia 800 or whatever to my dad. The unavailability of android's/iPhone's apps was a real bugger for me and the interface was lacking.

    • Exactly!. Welcome to the beautiful world of Android.

      With Lumia, you were living in dark!

      Windows phones are just pathetic, maybe windows 10 make it better. I won't get them, even if they are given to me for free.

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