Social Site Preferences?

I personally like being on this website than I like FB and all the other sites. I also like being on this social game called Smallworlds. I met my bestie sister on that site. ^~^ So I'm just curious about you all fave social sites

  • Facebook
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  • Twitter
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  • Instagram
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  • MySpace
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  • Face Time
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  • Other
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  • GAG
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  • I voted Facebook but to be honest GAG is moving up very quickly. Facebook is a hotbed of narcissism and content-regurgitation, but it's definitely not at all bad!
    I also like Twitter to keep track of a few people and businesses. Never was much into Instagram, but I do like to dabble in photography so maybe I should post some stuff there in the future.

    I never actually had a MySpace account even though it was there during my early teens. Sometimes I simply forget that MySpace was one of the big players before Facebook came along. Oh, and Friendster!


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  • I only use GaG

  • I go on both GaG and Blurtit and listen to You-tube songs
    while on both sites lol

  • I said G@G because it's the only one that I really ever actually use with any semblance of regularity.

  • Gag is the only one I use now... lost interest in fb recently
    I don't know face time and smallworlds

    • I lost interest in fb too

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    • Then I'll pass haha
      Thanks for the infro though :)

    • No problem 😁

  • FaceTime isn't even a social site :|

    As for my site preferences, I use GAG, Instagram, and YouTube the most

    • Oh, i kinda thought Face Time was Lol. Goes to show u i don't use it

  • Most social media is just about shamelessly advertising yourself and trying to win a popularity contest and gain social status. The amount of ingratiating, glory hunting comments I read on here means this place is no exception.
    Reddit is the clear winner, over there if people think you're insincere you'll be known as a "karma whore". I love reddit, I just come here because the people are fascinating.

    • Reddit can be very informative but, but also an endless annoying stream of people trying to outwit one-another with really bad jokes in the hope to farm some Karma. Call me old-fashioned but I don't like upvoting.

    • This place is WAY worse for that kind of shit!

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