Hey, who else has a Apple watch?

I have pretty much figured out my apple watch now, but... I'm like the only person I've seen with one! 😩😆😅 Id like to find someone else with one so I can actually utilize some of the features specific to the watch itself. I think it will be kinda fun. 👍🏾


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  • I personally can't waste my money on that kind of bullshit.

    • A lot of people say that. But with my profession, I've been waiting for something like this for years. It's very useful in my personal opinion, because I don't always have a free hand to grab my phone even though I need it most of the time.

    • It's an unnecessary gadget for the majority, for them and me included it'd be a waste of money. But if it's useful for you then do yaw 'ting bruh!

  • You are now cattle. Tagged and bagged.

    • Lmao. Wtf? 😂😂👉🏾

    • That watch is used by the government to keep track of you. Like a dog or a cow.

    • I get what you mean now. But that's fine. We can't really escape THAT anyway. Lol

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