What's your thought on this facebook post of a picture of a racial police brutality case scenario?

I think it's retarded. In both the picture drawing and the FB comments, not only do they still constantly pull the race card in issues like police brutality, they now decided to throw in the Feminist/Gender card in favor of the white teenage girl simply because she's white and she's a female getting restrained down by a male cop.

FB post of drawing of police brutality between two races of teen girls.

  • It's stupid. People need to stop pulling the race card... and the gender card too for that matter!
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  • It's true. A lot of American police officers are nothing but power trips who like torment the people of color and give white people free passes.
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  • Whoever drew that cartoon is inaccurate about Feminist Groups. There are many Feminists online and within different organizations that feel for ALL women and don't discriminate based off of race.

    I don't know if that specific instance had anything to do with race, but I know many black men do suffer from stigmas and unfair pressures from police.

    • Don't get me wrong. I'm all for standing up for black people and women (in general) who are genuinely suffering from racist and sexist prejudice and persecution but a lot of people these days blow things out of proportion and play the victim card.

    • I agree. That particular case doesn't seem like a racist issue. It is a problem with police brutality, because he used excessive force. If my head was slammed to the ground and I felt like I couldn't breath, I would try and get up. It doesn't mean I'm resisting arrest, I'm trying to adjust. And with a lot of commotion going around some people might have thought so.

      And the boys going after the police? Imagine your sister in that situation. I would think you would want to defend her. If I saw that happening, I would want to defend her too.

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  • stupid stupid stupid

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