Would you guys agree with her? I don't agree with her for me it's Inequitable in Utah. any man will take any and every nasty wome and /or stupid w?

though you are correct in regards to Loving v. Virginia where the Supreme Court stepped in to overrule the states judgment we also need to remember Reynolds v. United States (1879) where the Supreme Court supported the power of the states to restrict polygamy. You said, " I believe LGBTQ+ individuals have just as much right to equal protection as anyone else, so I see no reason why same-sex marriage bans would be constitutional when interracial ones are not. Would you also agree that the Mormons in Utah under the same right are able to have many spouses?

One might argue what the difference might be between interracial marriage, same-sex marriage and those wishing to have more than one spouse at one given time? Don't all have equal rights to be married? One might argue that all have the right to be married, just within the regulations (not more than one spouse at a time and not same-sex). Could the deciding factor be what is ethical or moral? There is nothing unethical between two people of different races becoming married but is there something unethical between someone regardless of color having more than one spouse at one time? The answer I presume would be yes. So the bigger question would be what is considered unethical and who decides that? We have the right to carry a gun yet we do not have the right to go out and murder. We have the right to free speech, but not the right to promote hate so I would argue that ethics come into play. I guess the million dollar question would be, can you use a "right" unethically and is that use of the right unconstitutional?


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  • I don't give a damn if people want polygamy : there are thousands of married men with children who have babymamas all over the country. Polygamy exists.


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