80s music poll: Your favorite album by Asia/Yes?

Asia were an 80s prog-rock super group, wid a bunch of hits during the 80s. Their debut would b my personal fav. It had some really good songs like “Heat Of The Moment”,”Only Time Will Tell” or “Cutting It Fine”…their 2nd album was pretty good as well..”Don’t Cry” and “Never In A Million Years” were good songs.

Yes were active since 60s but they scored a hit in da 80s as well, wid their song “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. Their album “90125” was kinda “meh” though….”Drama” was kinda better.

  • Asia (Asia)
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  • Alpha (Asia)
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  • Astra (Asia)
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  • Drama (Yes)
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  • 90125 (Yes)
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  • Big Generator (Yes)
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