What does it mean when a guy says this to you?

When he says things like "you're a substantial person" and "things were getting pretty tense for awhile I thought for sure I was going to say something stupid" and "I would've gone for you"
and they always call you honey or sweetheart
and they always are there when you need them for advice on any subject
and they ask you questions like if you ever thought of them as more than a friend and if you think it's ever going to happen

how does this guy view me?

Update... If someone could give me some perspective etc. or an opinion it would help me immensely because I feel confused
Would you say this to a girl you love?


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  • Hmm well if he's calling you honey and sweetheart thats definitely good and more then just friend talk... he probably means he's nervous what he says around you cause he thinks if he slips up and says something dumb you might lose interest in him? You should sit him down and have a chat with him bout how you feel... tell him some of the stuff he says confuses you and not to be so nervous around you cause its not a big deal!!! Hopefully that was helpful lol?


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