How does this sound for a scene?

There's a girl in a gym, is both fit and curvy, and she's wearing short shorts with a sport bra. She is putting on her foot and hand wraps, and putting a band around her head. She then walks toward a punching bag, and starts punching and kicking it, with sweat flying off her. After a few minutes, she stops hitting it, panting covered in sweat.

A moment later a guy walks in the gym. He is muscular, wearing gym shorts with no shirt, and foot and hand wraps. The two then face each other, then they star to spar together. After a few minutes of being equally matched, the girl knocks the guy down to the floor with a kick. Laying backside up, the guy looks up at her, turned on that he lost to a female in a sparring match. The girl then looks down to him, then joins him on the floor, and then they make out.


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  • Sounds like a failure in the box office


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  • Very generic I think.

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