Where did you hear that song?

So I came across this song on accident: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tV3_P1jxiCA

I came across it accidentally while watching a gaming stream on a site called Twitch. The streamer was playing "Mortal Kombat: The Movie" The Game, for the SNES. This was a game based off a movie that was based off a game. Upon defeating a boss, he unlocked this music video as some sort of reward. He was shocked and confused at how weird of a reward this was. Keep in mind the game was on a cartrage. When I first was watching the stream I wasn't paying much attention. A week later I rewatched the recording of the stream and payed more attention to this part. I couldn't hear the music and lyrics all that well but it sounded good enough for me. I then looked up the song and fell in love with it and I say it is a really good song. So that leads me to ask, have you ever came across a song that you have never heard before but then really liked after hearing, accidentally?

I am not asking where you heard the song I linked in the question. I'm just asking if you have had a similar situation with a different song.


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  • I've come across plenty of songs by accident. Its usually not a good song though.
    For example, I came across this once. And be warned. Listen at your own risk:


    But I can see why you liked that song you linked, not bad.

  • i dunno but sounds really nice... even though i'm an80s fan LOL