Just a few questions to see if anyone here is a science related major in college?

1. what is the square root of -1
2. what is the integral of e^x
3. what is the laplace transform of e^-4t
4. what is the z tansform of x^n
5. is this system causal or non?
6. what is fermi energy?
7. what is the output of a and gate?
8. what is cosine of pi?
9. what is the laplace transform of a resistor?
10. what does current divided by time equal?

so if you know all these tell me your major i'm a studying eletrical engineer

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  • i know all of these (if so put answers below)
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number 10 should be current divided by voltage sorry..


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  • 1- the square root of -1 is i
    2- d/dx (e^x) is e^x so the integral is also e^x

    8- cos (π) = -1
    10- charge divided by time is current. Current divided by time is charge divided by time squared

    • guess you leaned 10 from physics class or your job huh? the others are high school so i'm just curious

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    • I love girls that like math!

    • Hahaha I love guys that love math 😂

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  • I know all of this but I can't answer it in English . Although I can sure tell 1) i since i^2=-1 , I would answer the rest if it was in Greek.

    • so you're saying you were taught differential equations if greek? hahaha please...

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    • hahahaha ok you just convinced me you don't know what i'm talking about at all for one you call it a "weird S thing" and thought it'd be on the keybord and two you are conviced math has a translator 😂😂😂😂

      please just stop you really don't know what you're talking about hun a lot of this is very high level math and i'd surprise me if you were in calc 2 already

      if you Really! want to try to prove you know all of these then "translate" and do ALL of them and leave your answer in whatever language you want if that's the issue you're having problems with... but trust me if you think math can be translated please don't attempt it'll only hurt lol

    • I'll just leave bedore this gets nastier. I don't mean to hurt your ego, bye!

  • I only know 2 of this 😂😂 one from additional maths and one from physics

  • What are you majoring in?

  • Looooool. I don't know any of this! 😂😂😂

  • I didn't learn this in English , so I can't answer..

    • no upper class math or science courses is not in English

      or at least a very large majority

      also all of these have no issue with language barrier

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    • again physics is math and math is the exact same thing

      and if you were learning to a high enough level to know what fermi energy is then the rest of these should be a joke

    • if you are talking about "physics" where they just tell you cool stuff then that's fine but you don't actually know it

      physics is pure math which again has no language barrier

      don't come on here saying you know math and then not back it up

  • Do your own homework.

    • girl if you knew at least half of these answers you would know 90% are all from different courses

    • And? What's your point? Because they're different they're not considered homework? Give me a break.

    • lol yes during the dead center of summer i with my 10 question long homework that could be done with no math and within 2 mins with the help of google came begging for help on a forum were people ask if picking and tasting their ass is ok

      i admit you caught me! the questions that are taught in high school are still being asked in my junior level classes and they just want to see if we remember

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  • I did better than I thought I would but i ain't as edumacated as you

    • what numbers do you know? i tried to include easy ones and much harder ones that very few science majors should know

    • 10 and 1 are easy. 8 and 4 made me think a little harder. And Fermi energy rings a bell but I can't remember what the hell it is

  • 1. i
    2. e^x
    5. yes?
    8. -1
    10. I*r=V so I/V=1/r...

    • I took differential equations but I forgot how to do laplace transforms

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    • and also fuck chemistry i've seen chem majors work and it looks awful!

    • Yes I'm done with Undergrad I'm 25 years old I'm just being lazy until I get into graduate school (please accept me graduate school!)

  • Is this your homework for the week?

    • lmao these are like the easiest questions in the world dude if this was homework i'd be fucking ecstatic!

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    • you know what fermi energy is and not laplace? i call BS

    • I had some quantum mechanics in an upper division physical chemistry class.

  • laplace transform of a ressitor o. o its like electrical engineering stuff, you shoulda ask what a lapalce transform is first lol

    • well i don't even know what the fuck the definition of that is

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    • you're right lol integral of e^integral xs blah blah i dont remember either tbh lol

    • nope...

      -infinity to infinity bounds on integral of X times e^-st and a dt

  • Materials science major. I know all those.

    • sooo... answers?

      as a materials science major you definitely will not know all of these