80s music poll: Favorite album by Kajagoogoo/Limahl/King/Paul King?

Kajagoogoo were a synth-pop band mostly popular for their song “Too Shy”, and their weird haircuts of course. Apart from this hit they had some other good songs though. After da release of their first album Limahl followed a solo-career realisin a hit called “Never Ending Story”.

King were another pop group active in mid-80s known for their hit “Love & Pride”. Very underrated band, coz apart from this hit their albums had many gr8 other songs. After their break-up Paul King released a solo-album…. then l8r he became a VJ

  • White Feathers (Kajagoogoo)
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  • Islands (Kajagoogoo)
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  • Don't Suppose (Limahl)
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  • Color All My Days (Limahl)
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  • Steps In Time (King)
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  • Bitter Sweet (King)
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  • Joy (Paul King, solo)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I like both Limahl (Neverending Story is one of the symbols of the 80's music), and Kajagoogoo (because I'm too shy too) :P

    • LOL u don't seem much shy actually

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    • Yes, a couple times, cool band.

    • Thanks for the MHO bro :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • i like white feathers because of the track too shy

  • I actually like the Too Shy song by Kajagoogoo.

  • Bitter Sweet (King)

    • My fav among da list... "platform one","2mb" and "these things " :D

What Guys Said 3

  • White feathers because of too shy even though I didn't even like that song.
    Just because it's the only one I've ever heard of.
    Was never a fan of synth pop. There was one song I liked of that genre but it didn't actually have any vocals so I have no idea what it was called.

    • Do u know its title?

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    • maybe it was from Art Of Noise... they had mny instrumentals

    • Maybe. I'll look through their shit when I get time and let you know.

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  • Voted G cuz I like the name Paul King :P