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From Pre-history to the future. About men and women here. About dating. To be clair about something you are confused with. I just want to help other people learn what they want to know.
I am an African historia living in Africa.
In Asanti twi we call love Ordor.


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  • What are the major African civilizations other than Egypt?

    • We've got the Axumite, Swahili, Bantu, Berbers and that of the West African Coastal States.

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  • How can u be more aware to when someone is hitting on you, I always seem to miss the signs till it's embarrassingly pointed out or too late

    • Girl, when the person becomes nicer to you all of a sudden, if the person is always around you. It varies cause someone like me is straight forward I'd just tell you.

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    • Any flirting tips I can use to show him my interest back

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  • I would want to know the list of stocks which will do extremely well over the next 30 years.

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