Weird triangle at work, don't know how to act. Can you give me an advice?

I work with a very nice woman, my reltionship with her is even heading to friendship. And there is a guy from a different department of our huge company. Being handsome and *rumours* not married, he was activily avoiding all the contacts with ladys at work but lately he started showing up in our office for no obvious reason - to chat about minor things, etc. Why? Is it a plan to make fun of us? Or could he really be interested in one of us? My colleague keeps saying I'm the reason he is dropping by, but when he comes I notice that he mostly engages in a conversation with her. Both of us like him. Should I give it a shot? Should I step back as she has been single for longer period than I am? But I don't want to step back... Do I even have any chances? I'm 9 years younger than him, and my colleague is 7 years older than him.


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  • He seems to know her better than you but If I'm guessing right, he's coming around to use an excuse to talk to her but he's eyeing at you and hoping to catch a conversation one day.

    • You think so? But how can I let him know I'm positive about it?

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    • Nothing in particular. They are just colleagues who occasionally meet in a canteen. The difference is they have been meeting in a canteen for about 2-3 years already when I was hired.

    • I don't know what the situation is between him and her.
      You can try talking to him. All you can do is just talking and see where that leads to, when you keep giving him a smile. :P

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