Should workplaces be democratic?

You vote for what the company does with its products.
You vote for what the profit is used for.
You vote for the systems used and if you want it to pollute or not for more profit.

  • Yes, democracy should be implemented at work as it is in politics.
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  • No, i don't think thatr would work ( explain why )
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  • People have the right to do it if it's consensual but not if it's forced.

    As for whether I think it's a good idea or not, I think it's a bad idea because people should have roles based on their respective productivities, not on the basis of some fantasy of sameness.


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  • Interesting idea, however I fail to see how that would make a business more competitive and turn a higher profit.

    • 1. you don't pay CEOs huge salaries.
      2. you don't pay shareholders as there are no shareholders.
      3. you can invest money back in the business instead of personal jets for bosses that will :
      a) make work easier and worktime less
      b) earn more for same work
      c) pollute less teh environment

      Wealth inequality, outsourcing and many other issues could be solved.

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    • Only in the workplace. Efficiency is better for profit than accountability. Who cares about PR? Not the investors, when it comes down to it.

    • ok, thank you for your input.

What Guys Said 5

  • no, I like private businesses and the right to own it.

  • Why is this even a question?
    If the work place has no "guided" democracy then it is the fault of the whole system for accepting this state.

    • A lot of people here seem to disagree with you - look at the rants :)

    • Well in a point the owner of the business have the "right".
      But form him to find people to "work with" and "lead" to prove benefit bot 1-the business (profit) and 2-the world (product and environment) those people need to be convinced about the decision and the decision maker. Or they will be just either:
      A- Irresponsible and do not have clear goals in life, and that is why they need a BOSS not a leader.
      B- Cornered by life and need the money just for money which is why they are FORCED to be bossed around.

      All I am saying is that you should IMPROVE your self and search for opportunities so to avoid the BOSSES and find a good LEADER or just BE A LEADER.

    • I tend to believe most people are B.
      Most people here defending the "boss" believe most workers are A

  • Uneducated people running a business leads to things like GAG. We don't want GAG everywhere now do we?

    • Define 'educated'.
      Doesn't the guy working on his machine know it better than the corporate suit who has no engineering training at all?

      I'm just thinking...

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    • Nobody would vote to "fire" himself.
      If there are no "employers" to fire people, they would not fire themselves. I didn't say it is perfect.
      I said it is BETTER.. and it works.

      Hell it ALREADY works.

    • You are thinking too small. A corporation with say over 3,000 employees may be far easier to persuade to hire on a scam artist than say a corporation of fewer than 50. The reality is that in a democracy even if 49% see the truth so long as 51% do not the vote holds and then who is at fault for the loss of over 1400 jobs? The implications of getting a president you don't like isn't equivalent to the implications of getting a CEO who completely restructures your company or drives it bankrupt and ends up firing the people who did not vote for him. Where are there reparations? Shall we call it "bad luck"?

      Your system not only fails it doesn't even address this major concern. The CEOs of many companies today at current make bold promises such as a lack restructuring and then take over and there are waves of layoffs from the purchase or merger and just like that jobs are lost. Restructuring isn't cheap you know.

  • Well, things do work that way. That is what the Board of Directors does.

    • Those are 20 guys out of 5000. Not very democratic.

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    • interesting how the banking industry a few weeks ago admitted to felonies ( a bunch of them - all the big ones) and instead of anything being done they were fined a piddley amount (compared to the theft from the huge fraud that cost people Billions and billions). You would go to jail for stealing a slice of pizza. A corporation gets a slap on the wrist. (Of course the president's friend Warren Buffett owns one of the biggest - BAC)...

    • I'm not defending the president by the way if you think that.
      And i agree with what you said.

      All i asking is more accountability and this is a way i can see it. I am opened to other suggestions.

  • If you voted yes, you are stupid. Really, you are.

    • Create your own company if you feel this way but don't tell other what to do with their company. Buy a huge number of shares in a company and then make these demands. But you won't do either of those becaise, well as I said, you are stupid.

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    • And tell them they need to start viewing the words bigot, homophobe, mysgynist etc the same as they do stupid if they censor it.

    • They don't censor it and it is not "the same".
      Now if you have nothing else to add except your rants...

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