How many pull ups a day to make abs in 2-3 months?

How many pull ups and push ups a day to make abs.
I am 16 so is it harmful for my health to make abs.


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  • None of those work the abs directly. I recommend when you are doing pull ups you do hanging leg raises, those are THE BEST ab exercises, those will give you abs as long as your body fat is low enough.

    In the long run though, your body is going to look weird because you are only going to grow muscle on the places you work, the rest will stay skinnyy. If you can, I would recommend you get rid of the push ups, buy some dumbells (ones you can change the weight) & add dips, squats, bench & dead lifts. Also, if you are skinny, I'd eat at a surplus of 500 calories a day, you'll pack on muscle. Your routine could be this.

    Pull ups/Chins (do leg raises for those abs)
    Dead lift
    Dumbell Overhead Press (give you BIG shoulders)
    Dips (put two chairs together if you don't have dip rack)
    Dumbell Press (you can do this on the floor if you don't have a bench)

    Do that 3x a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday . Do 3-5 sets, lift enough weight that you can't do 10 reps, when you get to 10 reps with that weight, add more weight. When you can do 10 pull ups/chins/dips without a break, buy a weight belt. Make sure you eat 500 more calories than you need a day, try to eat clean, cut out sugar if possible, or eat just a little bit, your carbs should come from mostly veggies, brown rice & sweet potatoes, eat 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Try not to eat too much sugar, cut out fizzy drink & fast food.

    ^ do this and you'll look great.

    And no, it's not harmful to your health to lift weights.


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  • Don't try pull ups, try a workout video for abs, like insanity or something easier if needed. They work quicker and will make sure you gain them healthily.

  • 20-30 maybe


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  • you want visible abs its about how much body fat is covering your stomach. and pull ups is an upper body back workout.

  • It's not harmful
    but don't overdo it... overdoing stuff brings misfortune

    if your arms or legs feel sore, you've done too much