Will you partake in this fun word game I completely made up?

Alright GAGers, here is how this will go.

Look at the nearest thing next to you which has words on it/part of it. Pick any word (if it's the only word, use it.) Try to use words which have substance, NOT articles such as "it", "the", "or", "and", etc. After you have this word, post the word in the responses and then tag a GAGer you thought of when seeing/hearing this word.

For example, if you look next to you and you see the box of a board game and it say "fun", on it, tag a GAGer who you think is fun. I think this should be a FUN game. PLEASE, keep it nice, because I don't want this question to get deleted. I will pick the most creative one for the MHO.

My word: Game, which was on a nearby board game box.
GAGer: Toad-1, since his avi is Toad from the "Super Mario Brothers", the famous video game series and he likes video games/characters.

@Klaatu51 This "Game" was a failure, but oh well.

And apparently @thewhiteballer thinks creating this game takes a lot of time lol.


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  • samsung (my phone)

    but fuck no GAGer comes 2 my mind... wid this word


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  • No! You have way too much free time.

    • This is one of the LEAST time-consuming games I can think of... was that a joke? And to add to that, I actually don't have much free time at all, especially at this point of my life.

    • But you spent time typing/thinking of the rules for this game lls

    • ... And that took me about three minutes (to think of the rules and everything.)

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