What is your ideal vacation destination?

I've always prefered mountainy and snowy places for vacations, but the tropics are pleasant as well. What is your opinion? Elaborate in the comment section if you'd like.

  • I only enjoy beachy and tropical destinations for my vacations.
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  • I only enjoy snowy, cold, and mountainous destinations for my vacations.
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  • I enjoy a combination of both tropical and cold destinations for my vacations.
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  • Other: (Please Elaborate)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • An apartment in Rome, near the Spanish Steps. We rented one here, three times the same one. (No, that's not us on the photo, we married long before that):


    The second house beyond the bar, at the second floor, a dream, stylish mahogany furniture, all comfort:


    We'd go back there but it's no longer available through agencies.

    (or near the Tiber)

    • Nice :) thanks for sharing

    • I don't remember how much we paid but it wasn't really expensive for a 3 room apt at that location.
      We would eat excellent gelati sitting on the Steps, watching the sun go down over Rome.

      My heart is longing to be there.
      (We always loved city apartments in good locations.) Right now I'm at the seaside, overlooking 20 miles of beaches, shores and dunes.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't 'only' enjoy
    But I prefer more warm places
    There's a hotel in Sicily that was just everything I couldh ave hoped for and beyond

    • Cool. Thanks for your imput :)

    • We stayed in Palermo. Not much comfort but nice.

    • Well, here it was in cottages surrounded by a park, the park of the hotel. the fan on the ceiling would be on and when you came back from the hotness, you're welcomed with the cool breeze
      There's a swimming pool so big that it's never crowded.
      Events and a lot of dancing in the evening
      they had the best pears I ever tasted (I love pears!)
      and the miracle made it happen that there happened to be a girl with a beauty like I've never seen before

  • C, I'd like to explore different climates.


What Girls Said 4

  • I'm not too crazy about beaches and tropical places.
    I hate heat and I hate bugs.
    I'll go to the beach with my friends, but I don't particularly like it.
    Going to a huge zoo or aquarium or amusement park or something I wouldn't mind.
    I wouldn't mind going to a cold snowy place either in the mountains.
    Hot springs.. Massages.. Learning to ski and snow board sound fun.

    • Just like me :)

    • I like the hot places, don't need the beaches. In Mexico we went to Yucatan but avoided Cancun, preferred Vilahermosa (the Olmecs) and Oaxa. (the dansantes) We traveled many miles in old buses to visit monuments, always using public transport.

      We visited Egypt on our own, no guided tours. We rented a taxi for a day when needed. I did some hiking through southern Tunisia, until I was far enough in the desert to meet Bedouins.

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  • Don't like beaches and don't like snow, I prefer something in the woods or mountains where I can hike and have a beautiful view

  • I like old architecture and small towns