Does the NAACP have a future after this scandal?

Just when the Bruce Jenner garbage was making you want to pound your head against a wall until you made a hole in said wall, another story of vocational destiny denial taking a turn for wall-banger territory emerges. And this one isn't getting a whole lot of support from the "I am whatever I say I am!" crowd either.

Turns out Dolezal is white. But is head of the Spokane NAACP, which traditionally only allows black membership. Their leader - a fearless advocate for irresponsibility and handouts that essentially do blacks more harm than good as extensions of the failed Great Society experiment of decades ago (as envisioned by a megalomaniacal white Democrat president, but I digress), has secretly been putting on blackface this entire time.

It got to be so ridiculous, that her own parents ratted her out! Which raises several questions. Among them: Now what, Spokane?

Also, what does the NAACP even exist for anymore? Last I checked, Herman Cain was pretty rich. And unlike pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Herman actually earned his wealth.

As for McKinney: The white kids stopped what they were doing when the police showed up and waited to be told what to do. The black kids (who were trespassing), continued fighting or running. It wasn't a matter of race, but of behavior. If the black kids had also stopped what they were doing, an investigation may have led to more Affirmative-Action-friendly arrest statistics. By not following proper citizen protocol, the black kids drew attention to themselves, leading to the imagined "inequality."

The law looks at how you're acting. Evening out numbers is meaningless if one stat is behaving and the other isn't in a given instance. To think otherwise is to think like a little child.

This isn't the 1950s anymore. Segregation is dead, except in Detroit where they do it by choice.

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  • Obama needs them for his propaganda too much. This will be swept under the rug.
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  • Maybe if she changed her first name to Caitlyn, she'd get more sympathy?
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  • I'm in the New World Order, and I like that this is happening.
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  • The NAACP is as relevant today as President Islama.


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  • I think every organisation should represent the racial demograph of the areas they are in. Racial discrimination is illegal yet the NAACP can get away with it.

  • I don't see anything wrong with a white person who is black at heart running things

    • What's wrong is that she lied about it for so many years. Even if you disagree with an organization's policies, you don't betray that organization's trust just to get past a stupid policy. Fraud is still wrong, even if nobody got robbed.

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  • She's involved in a lawsuit with the people who 'revealed this'.
    It started as ree spam for gutter tabloids.

    • Wouldn't a DNA test settle the matter? I know the difference between black and white in the genome is only about 0.12% on a G5 polymer method; but still.

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    • Good point. But if her parents don't have a single drop of African in them, then that will reveal itself. If they do, then the bloodlines are tainted to the point of making any DNA analysis on this matter a shot in the dark. Which further raises the question of why the NAACP still needs to exist, if we're approaching a point where a true distinction of black and white will eventually become completely meaningless.

    • It won't prove much: Race is just a social construct, nothing more.
      DNA will not prove more. You and I can have a closer DNA match (or not) than Nelson Mandela and Louis armstrong. I could just as well have a closer match to Hitler as to MLK. So could you.