Do boys want a girl more if she's hard to get or does he have to be somewhat attracted to her to begin with?

Let's pretend a guy doesn't really initially like a girl THAT much but he finds out that she's hard to get and doesn't date or hook up with just any guy. Will that make her more attractive/appealing to him or does he have to want her to begin with?

  • He will probably want her more even if he didn't really like her or notice her before
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  • He will probably only want her more if he wanted her before
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  • Being hard to get makes a guy less interested regardless of initial attraction
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  • i dont see what ';getting' someone matters.. its whether you can keep them thats the work. so much emphasis on stuff that doesn't actually mean anything. guys who want to work hard before they even know you just like games. its got nothing to do with how serious they are going to be about a relationship. in my opinion the harder someone wants to work before a relationship is a pretty good indication ofd how little they will work after., bc in their mind 'getting' you is the important thing. when in reality things dont even begin until you have each other.


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  • Unless the guy is a successful player the answer is C. If he's a player it might be B, but players like that have high standards.

    • High standards?

    • In terms of looks and initial attraction

    • Basically players to some extent take pride in their ability to get women. So they like the self esteem boost of getting a girl others couldn't get. Most players have also found they get offers by women wanting to cheat with them, so they tend to be more skeptical of their own partners fidelity than most guys, which is why they paradoxically often settle down with girls who are much less experienced than themselves

      Normal guys get a self esteem boost from success with any attractive girl. They tend to assume disinterest means a dead end and move on. And attractive but promiscuous girls tend not to sleep with average guys so she wouldn't actually be 'easy' for him or his friends.

  • I have to be attracted to you in the first place before playing hard to get can work. It only works if you still drop hints that a relationship is possible. Else guys might just give up if you are too hard to get.
    Although some pervert dudes will think you're playing "hard to get" no matter how often you say no or pepper spray them in the face.

  • I voted C. It seems like girls play hard to get because they don't want to come across as 'easy', but ladies it is 2015 if you want a man then go for it. No need to play games.

  • if i'm into you and ur hard to get then it adds to your value because personally i don't like girls that's easy to be i want to work for something and i wanna show you how much i'm willing to work for you

    • Ok but I'm asking what if you didn't really like her to begin with? Would you like her more?

    • u mean like if i'm not attracted to her an she's acting like a jerk then no

    • i never get the logic of w working hard before anything has happened..

      working to get something started doesn't prove anything except that you're horny. why are you emphasizing working hard when you guys barely know each other as opposed to when you actually have something.

      if someone is interested it doesn't make them easy. relationships are the hard part. courting is easy bc of all the hormones intros fun even when it isn't.

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