Would you rather tell someone that played games with your heart to fuck off or leave them in dead radio silence forever?

Right now he's getting radio silence, even though he's only tried to reach out a measly 1 time since I cut him off.

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What Guys Said 2

  • What kind of games? Fun games?

  • I just found out that a girl has been playing games with me and lying to me for the last 2 years. I'm planning my actions, she doesn't know that I know. But I don't think I will do either of those, I will play the nice guy and make her feel awful about herself

    • WOW. 2 years... she should already feel horrible about herself. Wow

What Girls Said 1

  • Silence. I found indifference can drive them crazy. Plus., I wouldn't care enough for them to give a response. I wouldn't want to get played again.

    • You said indifference can drive them crazy? How? What do you mean? Lol sorry for asking just trying to get tips and experience

    • I had an ex think that he could make me jealous after we broke up, but I really didn't care. He got upset at that. He kept asking me to take him back after a while, but I told him I'm not interested in him any more. I just left it at that, but he kept trying to call, text or use social media. I just didn't respond, I told him once I am not interested any more (since he cheated). I don't need to waste my time on him.