Is anybody else have a bad clothing style like me?

I have the worst style every serously I can't dress properly I have closed botton shirts, those things that almost look like suits I don't know what they are called lol and I can nver pick the right pants to fit with my shirts or almost suit looking things lol. I also let my mom shop for my clothes and I wear my brothers hammy downs.


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  • Don't worry you're not alone, I got no fashion sense.


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  • Yeah... i wear red pants wid green shoes n orange shirts

  • dude just look at some men's current fashion or what style other well dressed guys are wearing and go with. Read up about dress shirt sizes and suit sizes as well. Also know what colors match.

  • I use to till I started shopping for myself, you can do it

    • I have bad taste in clothes trust me and I don't know how to dress and mach shit lol

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    • just become my fashion coach then lol i am not gonna remember all of that I didn't even know what have the clothes you were talking about were lol.

    • Lmao, seriously I do that for my guy friends who one day are like, James I need to get new clothes help me 😂😂.

      Should had seen it coming, go Google images of a v-neck t shirt verse a crow neck to shirt first.

      I can't really help if I can't get you to see the difference, don't fail me :o but I'm willing to help