How often are ground floor apartments broken into? people always say dont take first floor but obviously someone must?


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  • I have never heard of an incident of where an apartment was broken into. Apartments are usually bordered by neighbors from both sides and from one above, so a place like that would definitely not be a burglars first choice, since your neighbors are literally a few feet from your doorstep. One holler could send the entire complex to your door.

    I live on the ground floor of apartments and have never encountered no problems. But then again I live in a safe area, so I can't speak for everyone else. I do however prefer the bottom floor since I can walk and jump as much as I want without having to worry about disturbing anybody under me and because I don't have to deal with stairs.

    • true its a small building the neighbors are close by and i know them..

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  • It would depend on the area where the apts are located. If its in a high crime area I wouldn't feel safe

    • hmm im not sure.. its in-between a nice area and a not so nice area. its a 3 month lease. i just want to leaser it so i can have something to show the landlord of the apartment i want. so i won't have to have anyone cosign. i need credit history.

      im staying with a friend join the second floor. she wants me staying but i feel weird bc its a one bedroom and she refuses rent from me. so iii was thinking id take the one below for 3 months., i dont have such to see;l as im a minimalist. i like space. and i use computers at school so nothing fancy in the apartment. however im worried about any kind of break in rape etc. i mean its not a high crime area its about 5 blocks away from school.. its just not the best part of the overall area.

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    • hmm maybe this is why my friend likes me staying with her. i thought she was just being nice but maybe its also bc if im there there's more people around at diff times..

    • That could very well be

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  • it depends on the security of the building, the locality it is in, and the type and number of people who enter the building.
    i personally wouldn't want to live in a ground floor flat, because i don't want my privacy to be invaded, and i dislike using curtains unless absolutely necessary.
    if one is supposed to get robbed, they will, irrespective of which floor they live on. but the chances increase, because then the thieves can see if it is worth breaking in, by peeping through the window

    • well my apartment is empty. its just a three month lease,. im only renting it to get credit history so i can rent from a completely different complex. and you can't see through the windows bc of the trees and the shutters block anything out and they are too small to get through.

    • i don't see why you can't rent it then!

    • mhm come to think of it no ones been busted in on to anyones knowledge ;p

  • I don't know but why take the chance if you don't have to? Plus there's people walking on your head. I don't like that

    • im only home after midnight till 7 am. not a lot of walking then plus i dont mind noise:) the reason is bc i dont need credit history for this one. and once I've leased it three months-its short term lease- i can rent a nicer placed on my own,. if i rent another place now, id have to have a co signed i dont want to involve anyone else. plus no down payment. just rent.

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