Who do you think won this debate?

"What's worse than Maher's smarmy attitude is that he is utterly convinced of his own position and is totally oblivious of any of his weaknesses. You can disagree with Ross' explanations but if you have the mindset that he cannot possibly make a reasonable argument because he is coming from a Christian viewpoint then you have no ground for debate. I saw Maher interviewing Richard Dawkins and he was kissing Dawkin's ass. Yet in his crummy film he looks down on religious people with contempt. Maher is a bigot and a fraud. Many liberal atheists disown him.”

Here’s a comment I liked, which I think pretty much applies to every atheist.


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  • I'm not even sure what the argument here is. How do we measure who "won"?

    I don't even agree with Maher's idea of singling out religion for attack (mockery). That never made anyone lose their religion. I say we just stick to debating the scientific and historical facts, and the loss of organized religion will come naturally. And I don't see how religious people are so hell bent (no pun intended) on maintaining the idea that "spirituality" is necessary for everyone. Even if it is, that doesn't equal religion. To me "spirituality" could be something as simple as pondering the nature of the universe. That doesn't mean I need to invent an old man in the sky, or other imaginary friends.

    • I don't think an intelligent person would lose their religion because of science or history. You should probably just stick to offering people a sense of freedom of morality and or thought. People usually lose their atheism as they get older anyway.

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    • @kobe23

      Thus you think that when atheists get older and have mental problems like alzheimer they become religious?
      Tell us more about the link between alzheimer and religion.
      Does alzeimer cause religiosity or what? Do they become less sharp of mind and start believing more easily?

    • Quite the opposite. I think that they spent so much time explaining the contradiction between science and God that they got dizzy and their superior knowledge started to fade away until their eyes rolled in the back of their head and their hearts exploded and children screamed and women wept and the world ended.

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  • "which I think pretty much applies to every atheist"

    Oh have you met every atheist? How about you don't generalize atheists as being like Bill Maher and I won't generalize Christians as being like Fred Phelps. All communities have shitty figureheads and internet trolls. Doesn't mean they are in the majority.

    Sometimes I love listening to Maher, and sometimes he makes me cringe. This time was more of the latter because he seemed to just be dishing out insults to religion with a side of super weak arguments. I actually laughed when the Christian guy brought up the USSR.

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