How can I stop feeling so old and tired?

I used to be able to work a double and go out until 5 am then work the morning shift 11 am the next day. During the week days I would stay up until 3 am party in the dorm and make it to a morning class. Now I know its sound funny but being a few months from 22 I can't do it anymore. I'm sore after work and if I go out I feel hungover for three straight days. It's really annoying cause even my girlfriend commented on how I'm like an old man now cause I am going to bed by midnight. I've been like this for 4 months.



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  • You're not going to like what you hear (or read) because you already know the answer. Your body got beat up by your poor lifestyle and needs: real rest (about 8 hours), good food, and some planned exercise.

    • Well I haven't gained weight at all but it just feel so out of it. My girl and her friends needed a ride back to our place it was 1am and she had a few drinks with the her girlfriends and she asked if I was sleeping and I told her I crashed at 6 pm but can pick her up.

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  • Working is physically and mentally exhausting. There's no shame in getting your rest. It take a mature person to understand that, and think about their long term health.

    • Well I thought it was mono and got tested for it but it came out negative but I just feel like I'm drained. Im a man in my early 20's feeling like a man in my 60's. I can't even get the energy to wait for my girl to join me in bed that's how tired I am.

  • Exercise made a world of difference to me in my energy levels. Also try to clean up your diet. Eat a banana instead of a Mars bar, etc.