Do you agree with #NoRiotAid on Twitter?

The city of Baltimore, after "giving space to destroy," is now asking for federal aid (aka our tax dollars) to repair the damage.

Should the repairs come out of the welfare checks of the people who looted and burned the city?


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  • I'm on the fence.

    The mayor (can't remember her name) made the statement to have the police back off and let the people destroy what ever they wanted. It was an interesting strategy to take, but she really have the right to do that. If certain people said yeah, you can burn my car up, then that would be fine. Instead she decided that they could do what ever.

    It wasn't fair to the people who had nothing to do with any of this. Now they may not have their cars, their homes, and maybe even their work places. To me it makes sense to give them back what they lost. Then again, the entire situation could have been adverted. Maybe the mayor should be the one figuring out how to pay for all of this, since she told the police to stand down.

    Just my two cents.


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  • The request will be hailed as an excellent opportunity to give the poor and disenfranchised a hand up out of poverty and away from the school-to-prison pipeline. It will be touted as a role model for other troubled cities like Detroit and D. C. Nothing bad will happen to the mayor.

    • They've been dumping money into Baltimore for decades under Democrat leadership without any improvement.

    • That's why the latest idea will be The Best Idea Ever. In the op/ed pages anyway.

  • Yes, I do agree that there should be no aid.
    Let me sit in the ashes of the neighbourhood that they chose to destroy.
    Their choice. Let them enjoy the consequences.

  • Yes because it's still an American city. Can't fault the innocent people because of their foolish mayor.

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