Research for a book: You're a guard in charge of some very strange female prisoners. How would you handle the following situations?

More research for my "Sodality" project.

If any of you have been a security/prison guard in real life, I'd appreciate hearing from you for the sake of realism.

Here are the book scenarios, and I'd like to know how you''d handle each one:

1. One of the women started teaching the others karate basics randomly?

2. Another randomly began discussing particle physics?

3. One of them was found trying to install an AI chip and voicebox in the cafeteria ceiling fan to make her own JARVIS?

4. One of them began randomly teaching ham radio basics to another?

5. One of them began explaining the chemistry of chlorine triflouride to general population?

6. They started making plans for karaoke night, regardless of whether or not there's an actual machine?

7. The younger and smaller ones started acting like children, and a tall Chinese woman started acting like their mom,
even pretending to read them a bedtime story in spite no books?

8. They started sharing recipes in the kitchen and performing experiments, instead of merely complaining about the food?

9. One of them would start each day randomly giving the others a weather report in the voice of a NOAA operator, for no clear reason?

10. One of them started stealing random fabrics and making weave hats, for no discernible reason? And talking like a hillbilly when trying them on?

Yes, I know this sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone. Still... how would you handle these situations?

Note: None of them are killers/rapists/etc.. Most of them did whatever it is they did by accident or out of dumb luck, and the jury had no sympathy.


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  • As long as it's not hurting anyone or breaking any rules I don't see how people working together and bonding is a bad thing. Probably the only thing I'd draw the line on is the stealing.

    • It is a dystopian future setting. Chlorine triflouride is also known as "liquid hellfire," and even the Nazis refused to work with it. The ceiling fan thing would probably freak them out, as would the random unauthorized karate classes. I'm trying to illustrate that they are gradually going loony, but loony as in Napoleon XIV song, not loony as in violent psycho. Meanwhile, their friends on the outside are off on wild adventures in Mozambique to stop a supervillain.

      Otherwise, you have a good point. Just not sure I'm demonstrating my points effectively. So before I commit final ideas to ink, I wanna get some feedback. Thanks.

    • Ahhhhhh... well good luck!

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  • Report the one stealing stuff then grab a beer and sit back. Dude, my 'guard' job is to not let people go out or do anything illegal, not pretending to be politicians or preachers and tell people what to do.

  • Prob take a xanax and start drinking

    • Just looked up the interactions checker website. That's potentially suicide.

      Canonically, the girl who invents the talking ceiling fan gets taken away, put in a straight jacket, and drugged up. But the minute they catch her off the meds, she makes another such ceiling fan - with a Yooper / Canadian stereotype accent. Which gets really annoying, so she promises the next one will be Australian.