Is it even wise for someone short to own dogs that they can't even pick up?

For instance I have no idea how this woman who is 5'2 and maybe close to 120-130 lbs can even own a Rottweiler and Golden Retriever and both are large. I doubt a woman with that frame would be able to pick one of them up (I calculate one must be weighting 75-80 and the other around 100 lbs)

Plus, what if the dogs were overly excited and want to run and play, they would be dragging her and she would be helpless.

Personally, as a 5'3 girl myself and barely 120 lbs I wouldn't own a breed that's too heavy for me.


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  • I'm 5'2 and 93 pounds and i have a pitbull whos over 100 pounds. My daughter picked him out when he was a puppy. he's super gentle woth both of us, only bad thing that happens is his tail 😑


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  • I grew up with newfoundland dogs. A lot of adult guys can't lift them up. Dogs are fine you just need to train them properly and be good to them and they won't cause problems. A bad dog means even worse owner.


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  • Hell yeah! They act as your personal guard dogs! Even if they are super sweet and not aggressive at all, a small, short girl is a lot safer jogging at night with a Great Dane than with a teacup yorkie =)