Do you play Sport? If so, what Sport? If not, what do you do? 👏😊 ?


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  • Right now, I am currently not "playing" a sport, although I do swim constantly (for fun) and that is a sport. So I "joy-swim" if that counts.

    Throughout my entire life, my favorite sport has always been baseball. I eat, sleep and breathe baseball. I played baseball from the age of four until I was 15 years old. I had quit baseball after my Freshman year, mainly because it was all "politics" and basically, whoever was the most popular and well-liked got to play, instead of people who were actually skilled. Plus, I got a job over the Summer anyway and it was pointless for me to try to work around that schedule anyway.

    Throughout my life, I've also played football, basketball, and wrestling. I love sports! I was terrible at basketball and football got boring but I got the first Pin in my high school's history. That made me so happy!


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