KhanAcademy opened a new, free course to help training for the SAT test! Specifically designed for the SAT. Isn't that cool?

We tell teens here that they should pay attention to their studies a bit more instead of doing some.. other things, so I figured I'd mention that Khan Academy now has a free SAT preparation course!

How cool is that? Is that cool?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love khan academy.
    Their channel on you tube has helped me in understanding certain topics in anatomy and physiology towards my nursing degree.

    • Woah, they have that advanced stuff on biology? I've only visited it for higher tier math. Some stuff they didn't teach us at school about matrices :(

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  • That is nice and could help a good number of people, especially if they need some extra help and cannot afford a tutor. The high school I went to had an SAT prep. course as well, but it's not like everybody takes it or can get into it when needed.

    • Exactly, and some teachers are just really bad at providing the material to the students. It helps having a second source that is accessible to anyone (who has Internet access).

    • You've got it. :) And the public library is always available if need be for those who don't have Internet access at home.

  • Meh. Don't really care.

  • Eww I hate that website! My math teacher makes me go on it since I have an independent study in his class and even the mention of that website makes me cringe.


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