Why is it considered wrong for men to love only the female body when we humans are just bodies?

First I have to list this.
1. We have no soul and there is no god or magic
2. We are NOT our persoanlity, we are the body which creates the personality. Also personality is NOT a physical. So when women say the love personality what they mean is they love a collection of brain signals.
3. Women are incapable of loving you because they don't deepy love the physical body. Women love brain signals and displays of masculine status.

So isn't men that truly love women then? The true you is merely a body and nothing more. Every single time a female says "I love the personality" she's basically saying she doesn't love the real you which is the physical body.

I see all women go for men with personality, money, resources, height and power. These things are NOT connected to the physical body thus women never loved men.


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  • We are a sexually oppressed society. That is why guys get called perverts, and are accused of sexually objectifying women for our natural sexual urges, and women are called sluts and whores for their natural sexual urges.

    I do however disagree about our personalities not being who we are. I think both our bodies and our personalities are what make us who we are, and not just one or the other.


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  • So you don't see the flaws in your theory at all?

    • Humans = body= the body is the real me.
      Personality is just a system used for our survival, but it's not the real us.

  • either a troll or just an idiot. soul and god are more true than this material veil of yours you call body will ever be. even that material feeling is merely energy vibrating in a different frequency... .

    • Prove a soul or god exists, he doesn't have to prove bodies exist.

    • dogs, apes and bears have bodies as well but other living being has the human conciousness. second its been proven scientifically that even after heart and brain failure a human is not completely dead. in thology we know that true death is only when the soul seperates from the body. and third, if you had spiritual life as a christian you would witness the fruits of the soul for your self. so it is empirical as well.

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