What makes you a true Canadian?

So, this kid in my guitar class comes up to me and is like," you're not a Canadian citizen, why do you like hockey." This bothers me a lot because everytime I watch or look at something hockey related, I remember what he said and it's just taking away from the sport.
This kid is a major piss off and i've been ignoring him for the most part.

Yes, I'm not a Canadian citizen yet, BUT:

- the day I was born, was the day my parents were granted immigration rights
- i've lived in Canada since I was 1 -2 years old
- I can speak both national languages ( English obviously, but french is also a part of our country and I've given up time to actually learn it beyond the requirements of my province)
- There are kids at school that go around, speaking their ethnic language. I don't do any of that stuff. Yes, we're given the rights to speak our own language but there's a place and time for that and that place is at home. At school, you're supposed to be respecting other people and speaking English . I understand what they're saying because I speak the same language at home, yet it makes me feel uncomfortable too. It's just not right. Not at all. It's very disrespectful.
- the oldest memories I have were all here. I didn't even know I wasn't born here until i went to visit family back home. And i'm just gonna say, man am I happy I don't live there anymore.
-I've lived here my WHOLE life. and then this kid, comes up and tells me, that because I don't have a stupid piece of paper, identifying me as a Canadian citizen, that i'm not Canadian?

The reason this bothers me so much is that i've always considered my self a true Candian. I've always been proud of living here.

There are people at school that were BORN here who spend time comparing this wonderful country to their parent's home land. Why? WHY though? This country is giving


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  • you're not a Canadian until you say something similar to this said by a Canadian friend:
    Me: You're way too nice
    Her: Sorry

    • That's not something that happened with me but I hope this counts :

      ( at my friend's Christmas dinner)

      Friend: omg why did you buy me all these presents? How am I supposed to walk home with all this?
      Me: I'm sorry, I can help you carry them
      Friend: *gives me the weirdest look ever* I'm joking, you interpreted it the wrong way. This is very thoughtful of you.
      Me: oh.. I interpreted it the wrong way... opps. sorry :P

    • hahaha the Canadian gene is coursing through your cold cold veins

    • Sorry about my cold, cold veins. They freeze over in the winter and haven't thawed yet. *sighs* But thank you, what you said makes me feel honoured. XD :3

  • You're not Canadian until you can have sex in a canoe without tipping it. That's like the ultimate Canadian test. We should all strive to accomplish such a feat!

  • I love the Canadian anthem, it's so dismissive.
    "Oh Canada. You scamp you."


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