Why do I get car sick?

If I'm driving I'm fine but when I act as the passenger I feel nauseous.
How can I overcome car sickness?
I understand now that it's conflicting Information your eyes and ears are a sending to your brain. And as a result the body responds by vomiting and feeling sick.


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  • Many people have trouble with car sickness-- I always get carsick so I know how you feel. Part of the problem is that only the driver knows when and how a turn will be taken, or when and how fast the car is going to stop. For everyone else we're kind of being tossed around which also makes us feel sick. Before a long car ride I usually take Dramamine 20 min beforehand which usually helps. Also, sitting in the front passenger seat is much better than sitting in the back, so choose that seat if you can. Hope that helps!

    • I think your pretty spot on.
      I've always gotten a little sick or nauseous when I've been in the back seat compared to the front.

      I guess when your in front, your eyes can focus a little more sooner on the upcoming movement ahead, rather than a surprise, that sends the integral messaging to the brain into "fucked up mode" hence I'm body cries "I'm sick of this shit!!"
      As a result vomiting!

    • Exactly! But definitely try the Dramamine-- it works wonders for me.

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  • This happens to a lot of people. Maybe your doctor can prescribe you something for it.


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  • do they drive very fast maybe?

    • I guess it's not always about the speed, but mostly the interpretation of sudden stops, bumps and turns that the body senses.

    • it happens 2 me as well... that's y i avid cars both as passenger/driver tbh

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