Do all Asians have small eyes?

about what % don't? what constitutes as "small"?


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  • Nah don't think so. I mean, I don't think my eyes are that small but you can decide yourself xD. It depends on if a person has single eyelids or double eyelids.
    Single eyelids make your eyes look more slented and small. You can look up the difference:) Many Asians are born with a single eyelid. I was born with double eyelids and I don't think my eyes are that small. Many Asian girls use contacts and some kind of make up to make their eyes look bigger like you can see on the picture below. I think they stick some kind of plastic thingy on their eyelid to 'create' a double eyelid.

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  • Asians don't have smaller eyes. Most Asians don't have epicanthic folds, which is a trait where your eyelids fold over themselves when your eyes are open. It has the effect of adding shadows above and below the edge of the eyelid, which makes the eyes of people with folds appear more round.

  • no, i actually know a few with big eyes
    if you want a percentage i guess 33%big, 33%have normal and 33%have small

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  • No i have big eyes see

  • A lot of Asians naturally have smaller eyes. They got pretty crafty at making them look bigger, though!

  • I'd say maybe 67% have small eyes. 13% have over sized eyes, like walnuts. 10% don't have eyes at all. The rest don't use eyes, they use something called "Cybernetic Eyes" or CYE-34

  • No, the ones who have big eyes look like anime characters!

    • plus plastic surgery and aesthetic contacts

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    • My Japanese girlfriend wears contacts that make her eyes bigger. Those are not legit brodie

    • Contact lenses won't increase the distance between the lids, if you look at the photo and assess it, the eyes are definitely wider, but she's wearing contacts as well.

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