Does height even matter?

I mean I am of normal height about 5'11'', people keep saying if you are under 6' tall, girls will not be interested, but I am pretty sure height hasn't come in my way of anything in terms of female attention or peers teasing you and some of my friends are 6' plus, tallest being 6'4'' and they aren't doing any better in the game or seem to have any advantage.


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  • That's complete bullshit!!! + you're actually tall.

    • its not a short height for sure, but not tall either and I should have mentioned, one of my friends is about 170 cm and another 165 both are very handsome and they do date girls time to time

    • Well, you are above average height I believe.
      And of course, height is not that important.

  • I'm 5'8" (tall girl here) as long as the guy is taller than me I'm happy.

    You would not what to date a shallow girl who will date guys 6'0" when she is 5'2".

    by the way you are pretty tall.

    • i know right lol, not trying to be a douche here, but sometimes i think short girls try to do that to compensate for their own insecurity, like i remember this girl, i asked her after she asked me lol and she was 155, i said "great, so i guess u would consider me tall lol" then she replies "nah, actually 185 is a pretty standard height for a guy these days and i like my boys tall"... i was speechless

    • *only date

    • @asker no idea if its true or not but a lot shorties seen to want to be taller

  • mate... the guy I'm dating is 5''8, I'm 5''4 and when I wear heels we are almost the same height. I don't care at all.

    • see... damn the media and stupid internet forums and the bs, i am not complaining or being insecure but its a little irritating that people make a mention of it all the time and every girl i talk to on the internet asks me my height etc

  • If your taller than me and you are good not bad looking then that's fine


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  • One thing I've noticed is female's tastes tend to vary a lot more than guys do. Its not a linear formula with them like it is with guys. Like generally if one guy finds a girl hot, all guys will. Pretty face + perky tits/ass= hot.

    Women aren't like that though. Their tastes tend to jump around more. Some girls are really into skinny dudes, some are into fat dudes, some are into muscular dudes, some are into tall dudes.

    So to answer your question, no, it doesn't matter. There's a girl out there looking for a dude of your exact height/build.

    Also, I've always look at it like anything over 5'8 is considered tall, anything under 5'6 is considered short. So rejoice friend, you are one of the tall people now! Welcome!

    • lol man, i shouldn't have mentioned my height since it sounds like i am being insecure, and i am not too worried about girls, i am doing well in the game ;)

  • hahahhahahah is this a joke bro?

    80% among guys at least r under 6... figure out

    • dude only 1% of the world is 6'3'' and over lol, this is exactly my point, like why the fuck does media emphasize on the 6 figure so much lmao

    • Because according to the media and internet every guy had a 10' inches too

    • Has, had emphasizes something else hahah

  • Bro, Orlando Bloom is 5'11'' and he married Miranda Kerr. Don't worry bout your height cuz ya ain't short at all. Unless you're a member of NBA then you're super short.

    • i am not insecure about my height lol, in fact its a very good height in my country (indian) i am just irritated with the media bs and girls i chat with asking me my height lol

  • Bull shit I'm 5'7" an girls that are the same height even taller 5'10" are into me. I'm assuming that is more for guys that are like 5'4" or so. All about personality

    • exactly, i even mentioned in a comment about my friends around your height who do date girls

    • Girls want a tall guy, just like they want a nice guy, some one who treats them nice est... They can't get it all and usually barely one of those things I've met girls that were drop dead gorgeouse and I've met their boy friends and I even felt a little insulted like "this guy really" (ugly, dead beats est...) when it comes down to it, it doesn't rally matter

    • u see, those guys are pansies lol, they probably check themselves out in the mirror more than actresses. and, no you are not ugly judging by ur profile pic

  • Dude I just did a question on this and no it doesn't

  • Way to make me feel short yah dumass..