What is political correctness? Can you explain how this idea comes into play with regards to Connotation and Denotation?

A very quick question. I really don't get it. Please explain.


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  • It's the opinions/point of view that the government, academia, the media, and science pressure society to adopt as well, and guilt them if they do not. Most often, those opinions/world views are one in the same with those of the liberal progressives. For example, it's politically correct to be anti-gun rights. But, I support the Second Amendment, and hold a license to conceal carry, so I am very politically INcorrect.


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  • Is this for homework? Because you really ought to do that yourself.

    • It's for a TOK assignment. Overdue but its the last question I really don't get it.

    • Sorry, I'd love to help but you have to figure this out yourself.

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  • political correctness reffers to a set of opinions and statements that's supported by the majority of the political elite. Oftentimes used about very controversial topics, topics there the opinions and statements are obviously wrong, or topics where opposers are shamed for it.

    • Thanks I was looking for an answer like this.

    • For example it's "politically correct" to support feminism, and "politically incorrect" to not support them.

      Also it's a political line taken by politicans in an effort to not offend anyone. A form of conformism if you want.

      Sauce: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_correctness

  • "Political correctness" is basically the term they use for carefully selecting your wording to avoid offending people.

    Examples of Political correctness in regards to denotation would be saying like saying:

    "Homosexual" instead of "Faggot"
    "Mentally challenged" instead of "retarded"
    "Korean" instead of "Gook"

    Notice how the politically incorrect terms are all direct and to the point in how they offend. It's obvious how being called a faggot would offend a gay dude.

    As far as connotation goes, it gets very subtle especially when dealing with racial stereotypes. Like if a politician were to say something like "I have tons of black friends... we go to KFC together all the time" he would catch a lot of flak even though on the surface what he's saying seems benign. He wasn't explicitly being racist, but there was an implied stereotype (all black people eat is fried chicken) in what he said, and that's what makes it politically incorrect.

    Hope this helps

    • Yes it does to a great extent it delves deeper into the concept. Thanks a million.

  • Specifically trying not to offend anyone.