What do you think of this and how would you react?

im shaking after watching this video because i want to hit his parents for him. my mom hit me but because she didn't like me not because i was bi. if i came out as gay then maybe. but she did say shed need counseling for it and wanted to kick me out but didn't.


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  • Wow... I'm speechless. These adults are so pathetic. They're screaming at him and punching him... he's the only one with a sane mind in there. It must be like hell living with this bunch of retards.
    It reminded me a lot of a good movie I saw a while back. It's called "Prayers for Bobby" and it's based on a true story. In the movie, a boy named Bobby grows up in this kind of household... super conservative, extremist christians... you get the point. Bobby had known that he was gay since he'd been 7 or 8 but he didn't tell anyone because he knew his parents would freak out just like the ones in this clip. When he was 15 or 16, he finally couldn't keep it inside anymore and told his older brother who he trusted and who he had a very good relationship with. Sadly, his brother betrayed him and went straight to their parents to tell them everything. Long story short... tragedy stroke and they also disowned him and called him all kinds of terrible things. Bobby eventually became so miserable that he committed suicide. For a very long time, his parents were sad about his death but in a very self-rightous way. But then, something amazing happened: His mom changed 180 degrees. About 10 years after Bobby's death, she suddenly started questioning her homophobia and actively getting rid of it. And today, she's one of the most famous gay-rights activist in the US. I think that's a really cool turn and I think it's brave she did that. Yet, I wish for her with all my heart that every morning when she gets up, she feels the weight of guilt as heavy as a truck on her shoulders and I hope she will never be able to forgive herself for killing her own son. It's just too disgusting how these people can just "get rid" of their own kids as though they were some kind of unwanted product.


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  • If ur shaking calm down channel that energy into something good