Why do people tend to laugh a lot when they're high?

I was at walmart earlier and this guy I know from my old school asked did he know me. I said yeah didn't we have Spanish class together. He said yeah and we both said bye. After I walked away, I heard him and the guy he was with laughing. I didn't say anything funny nor was I weird. I just guessed they were high and were not in their right mind.


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  • well, first off when your high anything can be funny for some reason.
    secondly, they could just be assholes..

    • I guess it was the way I talks since I have a soft voice. And in the parking lot they drove by my car and waved. Weird...

    • who knows.. just forget it. you could think up a million different reasons why they laughed and it won't make a difference

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  • because everything becomes so damn funny!

    • Are you serious?

    • yeah... like stupid inside jokes and other random comments just seem hilarious

  • It's because when you're high everything is hilariously funny

    • But I didn't say anything funny.

    • You didn't have to, not if they were high. Lots of things make me laugh when I'm high that wouldn't normally. :)

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