College Kids! How many semesters have you taken, total credits youve earned so far, GPA, Major/Minor?

Ill start my 6th semester in fall. In 5 semesters, I've earned 187 credits and I have a 3.0 GPA I dont have a minor, I am doing Dual Degree. Collision technology and Automotive Technoligy.

62... not 187. lol


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  • 4 semesters
    Animal and Veterinary Sciences-concentration is Pre-Veterinary Medicine
    I need to pull my GPA up though, this semester and the next 4 will be focused on grades more than ever because vet school is so hard to get in.


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  • I've taken 64 hours so far. Im majoring in Biz. I have a 3.6 GPA now that its sadly dropped. I'll be starting my Junior Year soon

    • Wait I calculated that wrong... I took 67 hours I think. I don't know but it was 5 classes my first two semesters and then 6 each my other two semesters

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  • You averaged more than ten classes per semester? I don't think so.

    • NO. almost 36 classes per semester? I take one or two!

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    • WAIT... I think thats weeks... im sorry for being so ignorant. lol

    • Yes, that's around 12-13 credits per semester. No problem!

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