Two quick questions?

1) How much money should you be making at twenty if you are still in college (hourly US rate)?
2) how much money should you have saved up by twenty?


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  • U should have saved at least 5$ what college kid saves money?


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  • 1) There isn't a set amount but most people i don't make a huge amount of cash in college. As long as you have money coming in you're ahead of the game.

    2) None... You're barely an adult how are you going to have a savings already?


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly if you're making anything over minimum you should be happy. The trick is to make enough to afford to go to school but not enough to screw up your financial aid.

    If you're on financial aid you should have zero in savings unless it's to pay for your bills while you're in school. If you're not on financial aid and your mom and dad pay for everything it's kind of immaterial how much you have saved anyway.

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