Did I just make a mistake by adding her without asking her first?

On FB. I found her profile. The argument with this is that it can be seen as creepy if you go trying to find someone like that, without asking their last name or if you can even add them or not.

But, like, I feel like in this instance I can, like, I feel like I made a good enough impression to do so. It's just that now I'm regretting it because I feel like I just comitted social suicide.

I sent her a message immediately afterward, reminding her of who I am, and i think that would def. at least make sure she at least knows who i am, it's just, like i said, in the beginning of this, can be seen as creepy if you go looking people up

Did I make a mistake?


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  • I've added a guy or two before under similar circumstances as you and it doesn't seem like they thought it was creepy. She doesn't have to know how you ended up finding her. I don't think it's creepy at all. If you're on social media then it's a given that people could find you and add you.

    • As long as you know them in person first, right?

    • Well I've done it both ways now. Knowing them in person and not knowing them in person.

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  • Yeah your over thinking it. You technically never need someones permission to add them on FB unless they set it up that way. Also if you met her in person or if you have at least noticed each other in irl then it really shouldn't matter at all.

  • We overthink things.

    These days, saying "hi" to a woman can be seen as sexual harrassment if she finds you butt ugly, haha.

    Just follow through with what you're doing and see where it goes.

    If she responds, great. If not, move on, mang.