How can anyone believe young earth creationism (It's laughably ridiculous)?

I am stunned by the vast number of people who have no concept of what science is or are entirely unaware of any kind of scientific knowledge; yet, people believe, somehow, against all logic and reason, that the earth and humanity is about 5000 years old. Its bewildering and mindblowingly wrong and doesn't have a single piece of supporting evidence. People who believe this kind of stuff (astrology, magic, homeopathic remdies, etc) are extremely gulliable, ignorant, and more likely than not stupid. Young earth creationists demand an insane amount of evidence but then require absolutely none from their own religion.

Here's a list of 12 obvious pieces of evidence that young earth creationist ignoramuses tend to ignore--
1. Fossils of our ancient primate ancestors, austeropithicus for instance, which have nearly identical DNA relatively speaking
2. The existence of neanderthals over 10,000 years ago who merged with humanity; neanderthal DNA is observable in Europeans.
3. Ice core samples that show layers of atmosphere as they form over millions of years
4. Evolution
5. The supernova remanents of ancient stars which blew up billions of years ago.
6. Radioactive decay and carbon dating
7. The imprint of the magnetic field in cooling magma, which creates patterns as the magnetic field reverses (magnetic reversal take hundreds of thousands of years)
8. The incredibly large number of species
9. Massive Evidence of gigantic asteroid impacts and mass extinction
10. Glaciers that have taken eons to carve out canyons
11. The obvious formation of a super continent 250,000,000 years ago because of plate techtonics (you can see south america and africa fit together nicely).
12. The observation that mars once had an ancient ocean 4 billion years ago--its remanants can be seen quite clearly.

If you're going to be an idiot and cry and whine about me judging YEC or ranting, don't


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  • Some claim that God could have created the world in a state in which it appeared to be billions of years old, with canyons and so on (that parts unreasonable) but also with fossils (which when tested will seem to be millions of years old) and other evidence suggesting the earth to be billions of years old.

    This is apparently to test their faith...

    So basically their God sets out to trick them and plants false evidence for the earth being ancient so that he can send them to hell if they fall for it. What a loving God...

    You may well be familiar with this, but if not you'll likely find this interesting:


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  • Honestly, I have no idea. Be careful though, dude, there's a violently Christian guy on here who will flip his shit at you if he sees this.


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  • It's a construction of modern Christian evangelism. Idiots who take the Bible at face value and don't read it as a book written by people 3,000 to 2,000 years ago who didn't understand jack about the world.

  • it is shocking. especially because nowhere in any religious text does it state the age of the earth. anything that isn't stated in my book of religion, i leave up to science. #radioactivedating

  • Let me ask you one question is mexico part of north america?

    • Well mexico is apart of the north American continent in terms of plate tectonics, but how does that matte?

    • It doesn't I suppose. Unfortunately I had to get the one us citzen who can read a map

  • Just remember people believe lots of crazy things. YEC is an example. So are communism and Nazism. Also crazy is the belief that the American government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. Or that bigfoot exists. Or that we never really landed on the moon. In India, some girl born with a long nose is being worshipped as a Hundi goddess because she resembles an elephant.

    Yeah, people believe lots of crazy things.