What shot is this?

My completely sober friends and I were at the club and we were trying to get drunk so we asked the bartender for a shot that gets you drunk the most. He came back with pink shots. I think it was pink tequila or something. Anyway, we all took one of that shot and were completely drunk afterwards. We were so wasted, both guys and girls. We didn't even need other drinks we were so wasted which was so weird for all of us. We all became super crazy after that shot, and just really hammered. We are all trying to solve the mystery of the pink shot. What the hell was that?


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  • I sure hope he didn't give you 'Sterno' lol You sure should be careful about what you eat / drink around public places :)

    Could be any of the 'Barbie' drinks too :) This is one I know
    1 OZ of Malibu coconut rum
    1 oz absolute vodka
    1 oz of cranberry juice and
    1 oz of orange juice

    Being a mixture of different alcohols high can happen pretty fast :)


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  • ask the bartender guy... interrogate him and if possible use 3rd degree on him :D and tell me also after then what was that pink thing!

  • Tequila+Extacy or ruphaline


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  • Why do you people drink things you have never even seen or heard before? How can you be so gullible? You should be more careful.

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