Do black Africans have different accents?

I'm not racist and no one needs to be offended. I was just wondering if black African Americans have different accents? Like they just sound sassier and a little different. Don't they? Or is it just me? They kind of sound like they're rapping most of the time. It's cool.

I'm not racist, because if I was then I wouldn't wish to be a black woman sometimes.


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  • lol!!! well African Americans have different accents and dilects depending on where they come from

    A black guy from NY will sound one way
    and a black guy from atlanta will sound another way

    But thats not exclusive to black people, regional differences cause

    • I know, but don't black people always have different accents even if they're from the same place as someone else not black? Is it just their genes that cause their voices to sound slightly different?

    • I can tell one someone sounds "black" but its mostly because how they say things
      so i guess i they do sound a bit different

    • That's exactly what I mean

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  • you probably referring to slang words rather than accents

    • Yeah, like in rap songs they sound really different. Like they're in their natural habitat though

  • Yes, they usually speak pidgin English ...

  • No shit, Sherlock.

    • They do? I was right?

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    • And again, I really don't care about what you think. It may be apparent to you but it wasn't apparent to me.

    • And I still don't give two shits.

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  • Yes :) Depends on where they grew up.