Being a foreign actress?

Hello! Maybe you can guess what I'm going to ask and I would like you to be honest. I'm 17, living in a small, small country in Europe . And I want to become an actress. But it's hard to find acting jobs in my country and also the film industry is not big here. I've always wanted to get a job as an actress in Hollywood, to take part in big projects, to meet people that appear on the TV and become their colleague. I mean it doesn't have to be exactly Hollywood. Just some place where you are not going to act once or twice and then no shows, no movies, no projects at all. I want to take parts in different characters, in different movies with different people... It's just so fascinating, stunning and everything! But here comes the problem: I'm not from an English speaking country and also my English level is not so high, plus I didn't take parts in any serious acting projects, except the school's acting projects but they don't count, I guess. And also I don't want to move from my country in the following 4-5 years (I know I have to go where the work is, but if I don't get serious projects, I don't want to move) So, I wanted to ask you, do you think I have a chance to work as and become a great actress such as Angelina Jolie, Nina Dobrev, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts and many, many more? If yes, how? I mean how can I apply for the jobs, do I have to go to castings or something?


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  • I'm very curious to hear where you're from because I am from Switzerland and your descriptions fit Switzerland very well :-). I think you do have a chance to become a famous actress. It's very tough and you definitely do need some luck but it's not impossible. There have been other great actors and actresses from continental Europe who've made it. Plus: it doesn't always have to be Hollywood, does it? There are great European movies that you could act in. Germany has a quite a big movie industry, as does France. Countries like Sweden also produce very good movies. Think of Swiss actor Bruno Ganz (maybe you know him). He's probably the most distinguished actor we have in Switzerland. Despite his alcoholism, he is an incredibly skilled man and interesting man. He's acted in countless top-notch movies (think of "Der Untergang" for example (English title "The Downfall") where he acted as Hitler). And recently, he's also made it into Hollywood movies because he's prove time and again how talented he is. There is also the Austrian actor Christoph Waltz (e. g. "Django Unchained") who's been living in America for over 20 years and who've acted in many Hollywood movies on the side of stars like Leonardo di Caprio. And finally, there's of course good old "Arni", Arnold Schwarzenegger. Granted, he had a head start because he was already famous when he went to Hollywood but even so... he wouldn't have become a movie actor had he not had any talent.
    So you see, it IS possible! In fact, it might even be better to stay in Europe for the moment because in Hollywood, much is decided by money. If you don't have money, you don't have good chances. In Europe , talent is still more important. If you want to become a professional actor, I HIGHLY advise you to go to an acting school after finishing high school. I don't know how this is called in your country but in Switzerland it's called "Hochschule der K√ľnste" (higher education of the arts". You have to be very good in high school to be admitted however (at least in my country). And IF you want to act in English/American movies, you must spend some time in these countries. Not just because of your accent but also because of your language skills and your cultural knowledge. You can't act in an American movie if you don't have a decent first-hand knowledge about American culture (it's not enough to believe you know America because you watch American stuff on TV). I've lived in America myself and it's made a big difference.

    • It's not Switzerland, it's more South and East :)

    • Her profile says Romania, but you can never really trust the type of shit people put on the Internet. Qa, I suggest learning English as a second language if you really want to be s serious actor

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  • I'm from California and there are so many people exactly like you here. It's basically whoever has the most money and can afford the most training. Then after that it's pure luck. I'm not trying to crush your dreams or anything, but I'm just trying to get you prepared for what it's like here in Hollwood. Girls normally like you just come here and thy end up just working a dead end job and auditioning. But hey you could be big. I'm not saying that. Just lettin you know what the game is like here