Do I need to stop this?

I saw this question saying that you shouldn't cuddle with your guy best friend. Well I have known my best friend for awhile and we actually sleep (just sleep) with each other a lot. He will always come to my apartment to stay the night and go to bed with me. Is it a bad thing to do that? I don't personally see the issue.


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  • If you're both OK with it then why do you care what we think?

    • I don't know... Someone said it was inappropriate and I was just trying to see if it was or not.

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    • How do you know you've said you've never asked

    • It is just a guess...

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  • I don't cuddle with my guy friends :p

    If you both are cool with it , go ahead :p

  • Do you have feelings for him? I mean... If there are feelings and they're one sided it might be harmful

    • No, I don't have feelings for him. I love him but in a platonic way.