I messed up? need to get rid of this soon?

Last night was only about my second time smokeing pot and I ate a whole entire edibles sucker to myself and it had oil in it I was so high I was freaking out I was high for about for hours until I finally fell asleep I was shakeing and seeing stuff though it sacred the crap out of my boyfriend I stared out the window and laughed for three hours straight. i woke up this morning around eleven it is now 1:29pm.. I still feel high but just a tiny bit high like buzzed. how can I get rid of this?


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  • My best advice is to try and sleep it off. Or at least lay down ina darkened room with your eyes closed. Try and stay still as well. It will go.

    Please don't go near pot or any other drug again!! When you are not fully aware of reallity, some really bad things can happen. You can, in extreme cases, end up dying. Don't say "It won't happen to me". That's what is written on the gravestones of so many people, not only young, but all ages!!

    Just go out and have fun!! You don't need drugs or excessive alcohol to do that.

    Take care, stay safe!!


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