I think admins are making this site worse and worse?

I'm not active on that site like I was, they just keep changing and changing for no reason. That update was really bad.

Seems like GAG is not listening to users. Why you keep changing if you don't do a test before asking several GAG users or something like that to test it out? No you just keep changing site like a fuckin* amateurs.

You get from this site 381$ / day just from ads. That 11.000$ / a month. I know there are high costs for server etc. But can't you at least hire professional web designer or test it out.

This is update is one big fail. That's why I use https://www.girlsaskguys.com/
I think admins are making this site worse and worse!?


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  • The old one was so better this new one was a big time mess up

    • agree, just sad what they are doing...

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  • I don't like this update either, but I still want Amazon gift cards, so here I am.

    • you're just here for amazon gift cards. Just for that, there are 99,9% better things to do then answering question just to get amazon card.

    • That's not how percentages work but okay.

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  • i never spend time on that featured page but its just so messy to me now.

  • I'm not a fan of the whole tumblr thing either, but no one is forcing you to use it. You can just click the GAG icon and go to the live feed just like before. And with the removal of the My Feed, the feed is actually more intuitive to use.

  • I totally agree. They could at least try it for like 2 days and if people didn't like it they should have changed it back.

    • they won't listen, I wonder if I'll get any reply from GirlsAskGuys with message that they "improved" + stats showing that..

      I'm sure they failed with that hard!

  • What i find funny, Is how all the Moderators and Editors, Instantly promote all their own stuff, And only promote other peoples stuff if it defends their Ideology, And, With 99.9999% of editors being chicks, Tell me, Have you ever seen a Take that dares question Feminism? I doubt it xD

    • I don't care about that. Literally they don't have a clue to test site, they just keep changing setting like really amateurs.

    • Editors are selected by the admins specifically so that their myTakes are instantly promoted.
      However, you are incorrect about promotions and moderators. Super and Uber moderators have the option to select questions to be more likely to be promoted, but they themselves don't promote anything. That's purely admin territory. Moderators essentially just get to hide stuff that violates the guidelines,
      More info here: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/moderators in "What is a GirlsAskGuys moderator?"

      If you want to write a myTake that "dares question feminism" and rather than just showing pure misogyny akin to what you see on TRP, it'd actually contain quality information and valid points, then there's a high chance it'd be promoted just as well.

    • Meson, Thanks for the info, But, You said it yourself, They reccomend things for promotion,
      I. e They reccomend things that they like and agree with. (Which goes back to my original point).

      And, Im not talking about women hating, Im just talking about anything that dosent agree with feminist points here. Considering 99.99% of the editors who are female (Which is 99.99% of the editors) are feminists. Just saying...

  • once I got used to new update I liked it