I wish he could stay?

So, my best guy friend that we both like each other, that we've known for two years is moving. I'm his bae and he's mine. And, I just can't believe he is moving to another state but still coming backto his home town. I thought in the future there would be a chance after we graduate from school... but there isn't :( Having this in my head tears me apart. but he did say he won't forget about me, that he's not a player or a hoe. How can I believe this when... who knows he could actually forget about me. I worked too hard to not be close friends with him. But no, I ended up did. Should I give him a goodbye gift?


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  • do u believe he deserves a gift actually?

    • Yeah, he's been honest with me, and really nice, and been friends for 2 years. We know each other very well.

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    • I don't know what to get him? He loves shoes and clothes. But he says he will be glad whatever I gave him cuz it was coming from me... but the gift should be valueable. Not money, or chocolate or anything like that

    • a watch maybe then?

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  • You will get over it eventually. Yes, buy him a goodbye gift.

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