Can you imagine what it must have felt for this girl that escape from a serial killer?

I still feel bad for what this girl went through getting away (and the only one) from none other than notorious killer Ted Bundy. Carol DaRonch is her name and she's still alive, must now be like 60 years old.

Poor girl. She was 18 then and escaped from that monster, fighting him in and even outside of the car. I assumed she must have been going through PTSD for a while and probably had nightmares. Good thing he got fried in the end.

My female cousin told he if that was her, she would be too traumatized to even go outside for a very long time.


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  • I imagine it was nice.

    • I don't think any girl would find ''fearing for you life and fighting with all you got'' a good experience. What is so nice about that?

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    • that yes... would have been even better if she had a gun and shot that monster at that moment

    • I... guess?