Did he tell her?

I know this guy, who I accidentally revealed that I was going through something pretty harshly. I also said I wasn’t happy where I was at, professionally.

I later met a mutual acquaintance, and she was being SO rude. They work at the same firm.

She kept asking me these weird questions like, ‘how’s your year been?’ and I was like…what the hell? How does she even know I’m not doing well.

Then when she asked about where I work…she almost said it like an after-thought. Kind of like, not this story again.

She was saying something related to work, and I was like…no…that’s not true, and offered out maybe she misunderstood. And then she got all red-faced and said, ‘you were telling one of MY friends blah blah.’

It took a second for me to recover. That was an unbelievably bitchy thing to do considering that we had all started out together, and I got left behind professionally, whereas those two moved forward.

I stayed my ground and said a simple,’ no.’ Her response was, ‘whatever,’ and she almost rolled her eyes.

I just changed the topic of conversation to something polite, and she was eyeing me in this, ‘why are you telling me this?’ kind of way. Later on when she had to go, she was like all, ‘we’ll talk later,’ as though she’s SO busy.

I don’t understand lol I know she’s behaving like a dumbass, but what did I do?

I had a very strong negative reaction to our mutual guy friend, where I almost got physically violent but stopped myself because he’s not worth it. Did he tell her? I highly doubt it as they’re not close, but her behavior gives it away.


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  • He must have! The rat!

    • Hmm do guys really tell girls they're not close to these kind of things?

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    • But... it'd be so random. I mean I'm trying to imagine him seeking her out and saying, 'hey do you know what happened to x girl,' and I just can't.

      The only thing I can think of, is he told his girlfriend, and that information got passed on to her.

    • Or this 'friend,' of hers likely said something to her.

      I don't know, I thought her behaviour was really immature, to be honest. What kind of an adult behaves like this

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  • Yeah seems like he did. Good job for the way you handled it. I don't think it could have gone any better for you.


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  • He probably did. He sounds like a bitch and so does she. Don't let them get under your skin.

    • I asked her what she was doing in her work, and that started the whole, 'how's your year been,' questions... I think she's not doing well and didn't like me asking that.

      I don't think it justifies her behaviour, but I'm not sure how much the two of them were co-conspirators. Why ruin a friend in me for a guy she barely knows.

      Unless she's interested in him, to which I am actually laughing. He'll date a girl like that when hell freezes over.

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